Auto Body Work & Collision Repairs

Get rid of pesky door dings and replace body panels that are beyond repair. We can also straighten damaged frames, repair rust damage, and restore your classic cars and recreational vehicles.

After hours drop off is available for all repair types. We also have after-hours emergency answering services and around-the-clock towing.


Frame Straightening

A bent frame doesn't always mean your car is totaled. If your frame has been damaged in an accident, our machinery can restore it to factory specifications.


Head LAmp & Tail Lamp Replacement

It's very common to need headlight or taillight replacement after an accident. If you just need your lights cleaned up, we can also repair cloudiness and oxidization.


Rust Repair & Panel Replacement

Rust can be incredibly destructive, and if left untreated, it will spread to other parts of a vehicle. We can repair your rust damage before it spreads and replace any panels that can't be saved.


Classic Car Restoration

Your passion project is our passion project! So if your 1969 Jaguar XKE needs a tune up and a fresh coat of paint, we want to help make that happen.


RV Repair

Get that fixed up before your next family vacation.


Whether you need a post-accident touch up, a custom paint job, or color matching for blending a smaller area, you'll find what you're looking for here. With our in-house, climate controlled painting booth, we can handle any paint project. 


Automotive Refinishing

Make your car look like new after that fender-bender with a new coat of paint! We'll sand down your old color, smooth out any dents, and give your car the refreshed look you're looking for.


Mechanical Work

We offer a wide variety of vehicle maintenance services, including engine, air conditioning, muffler, suspension, and exhaust repair. Or if you need something simple, we also handle oil changes, tune ups, brake pad replacements, battery testing, tire rotation, wheel alignment, and more.


Air Conditioning Services

If you're A/C isn't as cool as it used to be, we have the equipment and capability to recharge and repair all A/C systems, including vehicles newer than 2016, which use newer refrigerant types.


Engine Diagnosis & Repair

Check engine light on again? Not sure what that knocking sound is? We can take a look under the hood and find out what the issue is.


Muffler & Exhaust

Don't keep driving around with a noisy muffler or rusty exhaust pipe. Letting it sit will only make it worse over time.


Suspension Services

We see it all the time – you've hit one too many potholes and your car is riding rougher than it used to.